Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Basics: How to Buy a Vacuum

I find buying vacuums confusing.  There I said it.  Even though I am a cleaner and have used tons of different vacuums in my time I still find the vacuum section to be a bit of a maze.  Do I want an upright?  A mini?  Bags or bagless?  If I buy this bright and flashy vacuum will it even work well?  Argh!  Who knows?  What I hope to do in this post is offer a few guidelines for buying a vacuum, these are things that I look for and hopefully they will be helpful.

1) Upright or standard
I really don't like uprights.  I find them hard to handle and super-heavy - not my first choice.  While some uprights have detachable "mini-vacuums" for stairs I find the whole process of using uprights to be frustrating.  My vote is for the standard hose with separate motor.

2) Bag or chamber
I really don't like changing vacuum bags.  Who does is probably what you're thinking?  I would recommend a chamber that can be emptied directly into the garbage.  This is also environmentally-friendly and cheaper in the long run.

3) Cheap or pricey
This of course depends entirely on your budget.  I suggest a mid-range vacuum simply because it should last longer than el cheapo while maintaining good suction.

So there is my formula: standard with a chamber in the mid-range for price!