Saturday, April 9, 2011

Product Review: Eco Mist Wood & Laminate Cleaner

So I just started working with a new client.  She has beautiful laminate flooring and wanted a specially-designed cleanser so they look as wonderful as possible for as long as possible - I wanted something green.  My mission commenced.

Trundling off to my local Home Depot I was browsing through their cleaning products and saw the Eco Mist line.  Not one for greenwashing I checked the ingredients and my bullshit meter went on high alert.  Sugarcane?  Really?  Corn?  You don't say?  It really bothers me when manufacturers use the raw ingredient in place of the chemical name because this smacks of pulling the wool over consumers eyes.  You perhaps have derived alcohol from corn or sugarcane but it is a far cry from actually being sugarcane or corn.  Please.  This type of labelling leads consumers to believe that the product is ultra-natural when instead the ingredients just come from natural sources.  There is still an awful lot of processing (read energy consumption) to turn that sugarcane into that floor cleaner.  Having said that it was well-priced and non-scented so once I ranted for a bit I bought it.

Let me tell you, that stuff works like a hot damn.  I am sold on using their Wood & Laminate Cleaner but I urge the company to lay-off the greenwashing.  If they want to provide figures on how their sourcing is more environmentally-friendly in terms of low-energy processing then I would love to see it.  Otherwise call a surfactant a surfactant.