Monday, February 28, 2011

Quick Clean: Bathrooms

Who doesn't love a clean bathroom?  Perhaps the more appropriate question is who loves a dirty bathroom?  Yes, that would be no one.

The key to keeping your bathroom squeaky clean with very little effort is to follow a few simple guidelines:

1) Keep your counters and back of toilet relatively clear from clutter.

2) Squirt some soap in your toilet scrubber container.  This just makes cleaning your toilet that little bit faster and easier.

3) Keep some disinfecting spray underneath the sink.  After you have scrubbed the toilet, lift the seat, spray the rim with disinfecting spray and wipe down with toilet paper.

4) Keep a clean, dry rag underneath the sink as well.  After your shower, use the rag to wipe down the steamy mirrors and countertop.

This can be done daily or every couple of days and will keep your bathroom looking good and ready for guests!