Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Secret: Inside the Fridge

The Dreaded Fridge Clean...  I'm sure you all know that feeling!  Oh yes, we use our fridge every day, opening and closing the door; reaching in and pulling things out.  It's a fantastic modern device that has made our lives infinitely easier.  The question is how do you keep the darn thing clean?

I'll tell you my Clean Freak secret...

Wipe out little parts at a time.

Yeah I know, the earth just shook.  It really is that simple though.  Just picture yourself:  It's early in the morning, you're making yourself a coffee and you need some cream.  You open the fridge door, grab your cream container and pour a little in your cup.  It's at this point that you need to STOP, put the cream down, grab a damp cloth and wipe the spot where the cream sits.  You could end your expedition there OR... you could shove a few items close to the cream over a little bit and wipe those spots too.  That's it and it's a surefire path to a sparkingly clean fridge - the kind of fridge that has no furry food lodged deep in its recesses, the kind of fridge with no stale milk or sour orange juice. It's the kind of fridge that people ooh and awe over (okay maybe that's just me).

But seriously, it takes less than one minute to do.  If you wipe out little parts of your fridge when you have a spare minute it will never reach the depths of dirtiness that fridges can be prone to.