Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why am I writing this blog?

Since starting my cleaning company in April 2010 I have become obsessed with cleaning.  I scrub my toilet every day, reorganize my closets continually and delight in microfiber cloth sales at Canadian Tire.  I find myself with a new lens on the world - I call it my cleaning lady eye (I know incredibly politically incorrect but seriously most of us are women).

My cleaning lady eye is both a blessing and a curse.  Restaurant bathrooms that once merely lifted my eyebrow now receive gasps of horror.
I see every little crack and crevice that can and do collect nameless, horrifying substances.  Running through my mind is the light switch, look at the light switch.  Eventually I force myself to stop pondering when it was cleaned last (and by extension every other bathroom I visit) otherwise I would find myself with a perpetually full bladder.  On the positive side I can clean a house damn well!  I have turned into a cleaning strategist and my attention to detail is allowed free rein (at least with some of my clients, not all of them want the level of fixation I am capable of).  My own house is clean on a level that I wasn't capable of a year ago.

Back to the blog.  Being a psychology grad student, my brain has a tendency towards overactivity and I often find myself with thoughts I want to share with other people.  The problem is that most people don't really care about cleaning.  I know.  Who would have thought?  So here I am, hoping that people who do like cleaning, or at least reading about cleaning, will find my blog.  Welcome to Clean Freak!