Saturday, February 12, 2011

Renovations: Why My Opinion Matters

Why would anyone read a cleaning blog when they are planning a renovation?  I know it sounds a little silly, but follow my logic for a moment.  When people are planning a renovation, why do they do it?  I believe I can safely say that people renovate so that they have a nice house/condo/apartment.  If you are going to spend all that time and money, generally you want a nice looking house at the end of it.  Well something I have learned so far through my cleaning business is that designers do not think about cleaning.  Oh sure they want you to have a nice house, maybe they have a fantastic eye for color/pattern/set-up, but they tend to not think through the day-in, day-out process of keeping that river-pebble shower floor clean.
This is problematic because unless you want to be - down on the ground with a nail brush every couple of days keeping all of the microscopic algae from invading your grout on your beautiful river-pebble shower floor - your shower can soon look like a river bed spawning ground with all the gunk that builds up.

You must advocate for a low-maintenance house if this is what you need.

What is a low-maintenance house you ask?  Well that is where this cleaning blog comes back into the picture.  I have seen many bathrooms, many kitchens, many living rooms and there are certain factors that keep your home looking good long after the renovation is finished.  In my "Renovations" posts you will find a discussion of different materials to use when renovating your house as well as issues to think about and question when working with a designer.  These postings are targeted towards the busy, modern person who wants a nice house but doesn't want to have to spend a ton of time keeping it clean.  Think young couples with children, career-focused people, retirees travelling the world and people who just don't like to clean.  Let me help you make the most out of your renovation experience.

If you have any specific renovation questions and I haven't answered them yet please feel free to send me an email at: