Monday, September 5, 2011

Product Review: My PNE lint brush

Okay I have to admit that I fell for one of the PNE show room product offerings.  The demo was just so persuasive with all the hair and dirt she kept sprinkling over the fabric and then lint brushing it all up.  I was sold.  And hey!  The deal!  The deal.  If I bought the small and medium size lint brushes she offered to throw in the large lint brush.  How could I say no to that?

So anyways on to the lint brush...
Fantastic.  It picks up about the same amount as a normal lint brush, nothing special in that regard.  But then once it fills up, that is where the magic happens.  You take the brush and rinse it under water, let it dry (or dry it off with a lint-free cloth) and voila!  Like new.  The only thing I am wondering about is if the handle will last.

So what do you use a lint brush for (besides brushing off lint).  Here are some ideas:
a) Pet hair on furniture
b) Lamp shades
c) Curtains (along the top where dust settles)

The next time you are at the fair and you see the lint brush girl.  Seriously consider it.