Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Secret: A Clean House

It is nice to have a clean house and keeping it clean is a fairly easy proposition as long as you follow some simple guidelines.

1) Make it Easy
If you have your cleaning supplies within easy reach you will clean more often.  This is what I keep in close reach:
Bathrooms - surface cleaner, dry cloth, squirt of toilet cleaner in toilet brush holder
Kitchen - surface cleaner, dry cloth, soap
Living Room - lambswool duster
Other - mop and bucket combo

If you have those supplies in easy to reach places, when you notice that there is a little dirt, you can just quickly grab and clean rather than having to search for supplies.  Removing the "supply search" barrier makes it much easier to just take a minute and wipe the darn counter down.

2) Stay Decluttered
I think my philosophy on clutter is becoming clear.  Keeping your house clean is much easier when there is less stuff hanging around.  I am challenging myself to throw out (or recycle, donate) a few things every week.  Once you start sharpening your declutter eye you will begin to notice that you are hanging on to things that really make no sense and that have no use in your life.  Try to find one item every day that you can let go of and let it go!