Friday, March 18, 2011

Green Products: My Recipes

A lot of green products are green washed.  Green washing according to the Greenwashing Index, is "when a company or organization spends more time and money claiming to be 'green' through advertising and marketing than actually implementing business practices that minimize environmental impact."  Once you start to read ingredients on cleaning products, you will notice that they use a lot of fancy words.  These fancy words often mean soap, vinegar, alcohol, in other words, nothing fancy at all...

I prefer to make my own products because then I know what I am using in my house and I don't need to include any unnecessary cosmetic ingredients.  I am also saving money by not buying green washed cleaning products.  Here are my recipes, feel free to use them for your own home cleaning needs.

Clarity Window Spray
5 ml soap
15 ml white vinegar
10 ml alcohol (rubbing alcohol works fine or a grain alcohol like vodka)
20 drop of eucalyptus oil 
500 ml of water (steam distilled is fine or tap water)

I usually filter this mixture through a coffee filter to remove any impurities in the vinegar and then fill the nearest spray bottle.

Refresh Counter Cleanser
70% rubbing alcohol
30% water
20 drops of grapefruit oil

Alcohol kills viruses, which is why I use it in this recipe.  It needs to be at a concentration of 70% in order to be effective so that is why this spray is so concentrated.  I use the grapefruit oil because it has anti-microbial properties and also covers the alcohol scent well.  Again put this in a spray bottle.  I love using this spray as a toilet seat cleaner.

Stainless Steel Polish
250 ml holly oil (or an unscented mineral oil)
10 drops orange oil

To clean stainless steel to a high shine, I wash the steel surface down with soap and a microfibre cloth.  Once it is dry, I use paper towel and about a teaspoon of this polish to coat the entire surface.  Once the surface is coated I go back over it and buff it to a beautiful shine.