Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Product Review: Method Wood for Good Furniture Polish

One word summarizes Method Wood for Good Furniture Polish product: Yummy!

I generally don't use Method products.  I find them overpriced to be perfectly honest though I appreciate the way the company popularized green cleaning products.  Because I tend to not buy their products I had never tried their wood polish, at least until one of my clients introduced it to me.  She had several small sample bottles that she wanted to use up and a lot of nice wood furniture that needed polishing.

So I started to use it and soon I was addicted.  The scent is what got me.  Being an aromatherapist I love nice smelling things and Method smells like warm, vanilla-laced almond extract.  It is as if you are eating a lovely freshly baked almond pastry - luscious.

I highly recommend buying some of this for the wood in your home.  It gives your furniture a nice sheen and leaves a lovely scent behind.  Seriously if I could coat my house in this stuff I would.