Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Green Choice: The Soap Dispensary

Mount Pleasant has a new cleaning store!  As you all know I love cleaning so I was very excited to be strolling up Main Street and see that The Soap Dispensary was open for business.  The store has a simple yet unique concept that promises to cut down on the plastic bottles circulating in the world - always a good thing! 

Linh, the owner, stocks a variety of green cleaning products in bulk sizes.  You bring in your empty bottle, she fills it up and you are out the door!  The selection is great and a lot of the products are unscented so you can add essential oils to personalize the scent for your home.  If you don't have bottles to reuse initially, she carries plastic bottles that you pay a small deposit for and then you can bring them back in the future.  

Anyone who appreciates green cleaning products with little to no packaging needs to check out The Soap Dispensary.

Stay clean and green!